It's Your Time to Shine and Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Everyday!

Discover a timeless approach to dressing in all areas of your life that transforms YOU from the inside out…all in a loving and supportive community.

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Enrollment for 2017 ends on June 28th @ 12 Midnight PT

Next public enrollment will be in 2018.

You landed here for a reason, and I see you…”

You, My Beautiful Soul…

  • Want to fully express who you truly are and fully embody the brilliance you bring to the world through your wardrobe without feeling frustrated every time you open your closet;
  • Feel like you don’t even know where to start when it comes to dressing yourself, whether it’s for those special occasions, or for the everyday moments like going to the gym or a business meeting. You are tired of emptying your closet, piling clothes up on your bed and end up standing there with “nothing to wear.”
  • Don’t understand why certain clothes make you feel good and others don’t, much less the difference between a pleat, chiffon or paisley, and how one can make you look flat, and another can make you shine.
  • You often hate shopping, because there never seems to be anything that fits you right, and it becomes a complete waste of time;
  • You’re ready to have more confidence, tap into your inner power and show up comfortably and authentically no matter where you are
  • Have looked all over the place for style tips and end up feeling more confused and discouraged.
  • Wish you had a place to go where you could get the information and support that will work for YOU.

It’s time my brilliant soul to let the world see your amazingness in all it’s glory, when you show up with the right wardrobe in all areas of life!

And that’s where the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Membership comes in!

Why I Care About Living Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. and What’s Possible for You

You have spent enough time feeling overwhelmed, trapped, and stuck in your own style or the lack thereof. It’s time to stop hiding and own your greatness.

Consider me, and this loving community I’ve assembled, as your partners in embracing your masterpiece and feeling better than you’ve ever felt about yourself!

As your Image Therapist and Style Sage, I’m committed to meeting you exactly where you are, teaching you what’s possible, so you can learn exactly what you need to reveal your masterpiece.

The Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Membership is designed to not only teach you the principles of creating your personal S.T.Y.L.E. but also to support you, guide you, and be your mirror on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

That means you get to create a practice that works for you.

Getting the knowledge in your head is not enough. You will want to incorporate daily actions, rituals, habits, and accountability so that you actually DO what you say we want to do, and make sure it sticks.

Too many women like you, are robbed of your joy, your self-esteem, and your dignity when walking into a store, getting dressed each day, or even from a well-meaning friend or family member who judges you on your appearance.

These moments of judgement become imprinted in our bodies and can make you feel small and unseen.

The only way you’re going to embrace the best version of yourself and get things moving my friend is through daily, embodied action.

That’s where you and I meet… My mission was born out of these moments…

My purpose and my passion is to teach women how to choose clothes that flatter their bodies NOT cover it up, and make them feel WORTHY, beautiful and sexy.

I’ve created the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Membership so you can learn how to reveal YOUR masterpiece with the world looking and feeling your best while surrounding yourself with a loving, supportive virtual family, guided by me.

What you’ll get every month when you enroll in the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Monthly Membership

  • A personal formula for style that works for YOU. No “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” trainings. This is not about fashion or trends. This is about YOU finally letting your brilliance shine!
  • Regular practices that will ensure you take consistent, inspired and embodied action with support, love and accountability from our entire community;
  • Training for you as a WHOLE person. We’ll address not only the physical aspects of clothing and wardrobe, but also the emotional, and spiritual elements of who you are… right down to the words you use to describe yourself;
  • A simple bite sized, and easy to digest model to support you in creating transformation that is designed to empower you to say “I can do this”, instead of overwhelming you. (No “drinking from a firehose” required)
  • An online community you can visit anytime, 24/7 where you can get support, advice, opinions, training, or even a virtual HUG from other amazingly brilliant souls like you.
  • Over time, you’ll know exactly what to wear for each of life’s many occasions. Whether you’re going to the gym, the beach, or the New Year’s Eve gala, you’ll learn to show up fully as your beautiful self, in a wardrobe you love.

Specifically, here’s what’s included in the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Membership

Each month, you’ll get access to a “master training”covering topics like date night, business attire, active wear, evening wear and MORE, where Liana teaches you the elements to look your best for that particular life event. The longer you stay a member, the more of these “life events” you’ll have your signature style for as the trainings will always remain “on-demand” ($297 monthly value)

“Masterpiece of the Month” Training to see inspiring wardrobe transformations that happen in minutes. Liana will teach the power of simple changes such as color, fit, fabric, texture, cuts, and overall outfit elements that caused the transformation. ($197 monthly value)

Monthly “behind the curtain with Liana” moments where you can watch Liana help someone to transform right before your eyes so you can learn from their journey and apply it to YOU ($197 monthly value)

Live, monthly Q&A calls with Liana where you can literally ask her anything you want pertaining to style, or your personal development journey. It’s like having VIP access to your own personal image therapist every single month ($4000+ value)

A private, members only website with on-demand access to all trainings, resources, videos and action guides so you can learn and practice on YOUR schedule ($197 monthly value)

A members-only Facebook group where you can interact with your fellow members anytime, get questions answered and get the support you need as often as you need it ($197 monthly value)

Ready to join us?

The value of this membership well exceeds thousands of dollars, but our mission is to serve MORE people so while the enrollment window is open, you can receive this support for a fraction of the value.

Right now, you can get started for 50% off AND get access right away to your member’s area trainings. With the value of the membership deepening, your investment will continue to yield returns. But be advised: The monthly cost of membership will NEVER be this low again!

Your investment for Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Membership is

Only $97 $47 Per Month

You can cancel at any time.

Join the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Monthly Membership

Enrollment for 2017 ends on June 28th @ 12 Midnight PT

Next public enrollment will be in 2018.

Lisa Sasevich Shares Her Experience Working With Liana Chaouli

Do You Have One Of These Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Liana, why would I want to join a monthly program like this instead of just taking a course?

A: Courses are designed to learn one specific outcome. (and we do have courses) Our monthly membership is designed to help you continually add layers to your knowledge base and how to apply to all areas of your life (not just one). Transformation happens by creating a practice of embodied action, not just by putting knowledge in our head one time. In this model, the training is broken out into bite-sized trainings every week to make sure you are able to understand the teachings and put into practice what you’re learning.

You’ll also be part of a loving, brilliant community where you can post questions, fears, thoughts, and any stumbling blocks so we can all lift you higher and surround you with the support you need.

Q: Can’t I just find all this information online for free?

A: Chances are, if you’ve made it this far down the page, you’ve already tried “piecing it together” online, and are tired of it. There is no shortage of information online, but if you’re like most of my clients, you probably have no idea where to begin.

How will you know what to do first, second and third? How will you take all of the thoughts, opinions, and general knowledge and make sure you’re taking the actions every day that will create your transformation?

I’ve created this membership program so you can get everything you need to “live your life in style” in ONE place. Transformation happens when we combine knowledge, practice, support, and accountability. Wouldn’t you want to get that all in one place, instead of trying to piece it together?

Q. I don’t have time to deal with my closet. I’m overwhelmed as it is! How can I invest so much time learning about clothes?

May I be frank with you? Think about how much time you spend trying to figure out what to wear and buying clothes that you never wear. Your closet is empty, your bed is dressed, and you’re still standing there naked with no clue what to wear… how many times do you do that in one week?

This training is about so much more than clothes! This is about guiding you to a new vision of who you are. Shopping and dressing will no longer be a source of stress, because every single morning when you open your closet, you’ll ONLY find clothes that make you look and feel fantastic!

Your closet will become a toolbox for empowerment that will support you in showing up authentically, everywhere you go. Best of all, you’ll recognize your inner beauty, and reflect it in your new, empowered clothing choices!

“Your Happiness” Guarantee

You’re protected by my “happiness” guarantee! If you feel like the membership is not a match to what you need, you can cancel at anytime.

My invitation to you is to take one step at a time to apply the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Membership to your life and receive the support of this amazing community to be empowered to show up in all your magnificence.

Join the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Monthly Membership

Enrollment for 2017 ends on June 28th @ 12 Midnight PT

Next public enrollment will be in 2018.

Are You Still Wondering If The Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. Membership is for You?

Ask me any question about the Live Your Life in S.T.Y.L.E. membership and I’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you.

You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, a knowledgeable member of Image Therapists International team will reply to you and provide answers about our membership.